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09 October 2007 @ 06:09 pm
Prompts for Saturday, Oct 13th.  

They're a little early, because some of us are going to have Thursday start for them way earlier than some other of us.  (crapped up sentence that was.)  Enjoy!  Brainstorm the hell out of things before Saturday's event, or you likely won't be able to get much done. 

  1. grotesque
  2. "I'm not done."
  3. coffee or tea
  4. cock
  5. dare
  6. devil
  7. candlelight
  8. edge
  9. refrigerator
  10. incorrigible
  11. vest
  12. "That is private."
  13. history
  14. female
  15. werewolf
  16. tear
  17. socks
  18. pure evil
  19. crash
  20. yellow

P.S. Prompts don't have to be just words or phrases.  You can do exercise prompts, or picture prompts, or even kink prompts.  Be creative and also be demanding.  =P 

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