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crazy24hours's Journal

When fics get written
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Where fics get written in 24 hours of craziness
This is for writing purposes of crazy, crazy, doom-ish proportions? Maybe. Members of the community (of which there are currently two~~) take turns posting a list of 20 prompts on the second and fourth thursdays of every month. Then, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month, there is a write-off that starts as early as 12:00am on Saturday and ends at 11:59pm. Basically? 24 hours to write 20 fics/ficlets/drabbles (of at least 100 words each, but more is yay). Winners get love and perhaps a shiny icon that says "I survived 24 crazy hours." Or something. Whatever Crystal thinks is appropriate.

Post the info below, then put the rest of the fic behind a cut. <3

(Note: this is mostly for fun and amusement. But partly to get giving_ground to suffer--and to write. Yes. So, moderated membership.)